Did Apple Preview the Post-iPhone Future? 

Apple's event yesterday introduced the most refined, well thought out, and expensive smart phone ever.  Ironically, the most interesting thing it did was introduce paths to disrupt the smart phone ecosystem.  First Apple introduced a fully connected smart watch.  Many of the critical things you always needed to do on your phone can now be handled on your wrist.  Phone calls, messaging, notifications, maps, payment, Siri, unlimited music and unlocking your front door are all on your wrist.  Is it really essential to have your phone with you all the time now?  If the answer is no, the phone isn't your primary device anymore, the watch is.  And if the watch is your primary device, is a phone sized device the right form factor for your second device?  The need to always have it handy dictated the size and form factor of a phone.  Maybe in the relatively near future a watch is your primary device and a small tablet is your second device.  Or maybe a full size tablet or even a laptop or convertible.  Or something else.

As part of the iPhone X, Apple introduced facial recognition for authentication.  In principal, facial recognition could be put on your wrist after a couple of generations of minitiarization improvements.  Now full authentication for smart payments and access is on your wrist.  An expressive communication method is also on your wrist with expressive, talking animations.  A very high quality selfie camera is also on your wrist.  Now is the phone as your always accessible companion starting to seem superflous?

As part of the iPhone 8, Apple introduced a lot of augmented reality technology.  The augmented reality view looked really cool.  But, it sure seemed awkward looking at your augmented reality world through a phone.  A phone is not the right form factor for augmented reality.  Glasses, goggles, or a headset of some kind is going to be the right form factor.  Maybe augmented reality will airbrush the goggles out of the picture so people don't look wierd to each other when they are both in augmented reality.  Maybe the devices can be made to look cool or people will get used to them.  In any case, augmented reality goggles of some form could become something you use a lot.

You always have your watch on and active.  When you want to browse the internet, do work, play a game, or interact with others in an augmented reality space you pop on your augmented reality goggles and hand sensors.  

If I was Amazon and wanted to disrupt Apple now, I would be partnering to get an always connected Alexa smart watch that lives in a nice ecosystem with my value priced tablets and my Echo.  If I was skating where the puck is going to be, I would be looking to build an augmented reality device that, in addition to all the cool augmented reality stuff, would let people interact with the internet, replace a desktop with a projected high resolution screen / keyboard, and take great pictures and videos.  I would make a better second device than a smart phone or tablet to go with an always connected smart watch.

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Quantmark Research 

In 2005, I started Quantmark Research to bring a quantitative approach to marketing and product management.  Quantmark is short for quantitative marketing which is what I thought was needed for companines to take the next step in 2006.  Since then I have spent years in product management for transportation delivering tools that used billions of dollars in pricing data to bring measurable benefit to transportation buyer and sellers.  These analytical tools brought measurable success to the company I helped deliver the products.  The uses of quantitative tools for marketing that I championed in 2006 became standard practice and were surpassed in a great and continuing wave of Big Data, analytics, machine learning.  

There are still challenges in enabling, inspiring, and measuring the success of product development teams.  I am back to Quantmark Research to advance the state of product management and to bring the best practices to your company.

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